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Introduction to Yin Yoga Mindfulness and Meditation 5 week couse with Brendan – Friday 31st January at 7:30pm

Introduction to Yin Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation 5 week Course with Brendan
In this 5 week course you will learn the fundamentals of Yin Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation. Yin Yoga is an excellent practice to balance a more dynamic yoga or exercise practice. Yin Yoga is a deep practice with long holds in postures, this helps to release tension and nourish the body’s connective tissue. In this course you will balance your body’s energy channels and keep your joints healthy, you will leave the course more flexible and with increased circulation in your body.
Holding yin yoga postures and being still in them for minutes at a time will physically prepare you to sit in meditation and teach you how meditation works. You will learn to meditate with a Yin quality of mind and learn the difference between Yin and other meditation practices. Rather than controlling your mind you will learn to find stillness in your experiences. This is Yin meditation.
Expect to leave this course feeling more in tune with your own body and mind; and having learned the practice of Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation, having more stillness in your life…

Yin Yoga Workshop – Balance Yin with Yang – Saturday 7th March 12-2pm

Yang sun salutations warm up, energise and mobilise the body. In this workshop we will open with Yin salutations, which will take a slightly different approach, holding each pose for longer to allow us to go deeper into the body, exploring yang postures through a yin energy.
This rest of the practice will focus on opening and energising the meridians or energy pathways of the body, restoring joint mobility and quietly rejuvenating the body and mind. Poses are held for minutes at a time to target the deeper layers of connective tissue while simultaneously promoting and maintaining mobility…

Inversions Workshop – learn the art of going upside down! Saturday 15th February at 12pm

Learn the art of going upside down! In this hands on workshop we will explore inversions such as headstand, handstand, forearm balance, shoulder stand and more. We will work through different modifications and options for each pose, you will learn how to safely and confidently enter and exit the postures. You do not need to be able to do the postures to attend this workshop, you will come to learn! Open to all levels, but some yoga experience is required…

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