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Restorative Yoga – Fridays at Navé Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a class to relax and calm the body and mind. Through restorative postures we can balance the central nervous system helping to reduce stress and anxiety. This is a grounding and calming class where props are used to support you in the postures and postures are held for minutes at a time. This is an excellent class for beginners through to advanced practitioners. It is for those wanting a calming grounding practice and also advanced practitioners who want to rejuvenate tired muscles and come deeper into postures.

Teen Yoga starts Friday 28th October for 5 weeks

Increased flexibility, strength, coordination and balance.
The ability to breathe deeply which helps with relaxation, focus and mental clarity.
An excellent way for your teen to relax and unwind after the school week.

Family Yoga Event Sunday 4th November at 10:30am

Family yoga is a fun activity you can do with your child where you can bond as you share yoga together. We will do lots of partner poses, make animal noises and have heaps of fun!! It’s a chance for parents and children of share the joy of yoga together in a safe and fun environment…

Mother and Baby Yoga Course 18th November until 16th December

Connect with your baby through yoga and breathwork.
Rebuild strength and tone back in your body after childbirth in a safe and effective way – find strength from the inside out.
Strengthen your pelvic floor, abdomen, legs and back.
Release tension in your neck, shoulders and arms.

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