Hips and Shoulders Workshops Saturday 13th April 12pm-2pm and Saturday 11th May 12pm – 2pm

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A series of two workshops to focus on releasing tension and tightness in the shoulders and hips and building strength and stability in these areas to relive any pain and increase mobility and flexibility.
Hips and shoulders in particular can become tight from daily activities such as driving, sitting at a desk and constantly using devices. Tightness, tension and pain can also occur from activities such as running, cycling, and repetitive sports activities.
So whether you sit at an office desk all day or are an active sportsperson, you can benefit from these workshops.
In the first workshop, Adrian will teach you how to use yoga techniques to improve your breathing which in turn can improve your posture, which can relive stress and tension in the neck and shoulders. He will guide you through a series of yoga postures to create balance and flexibility in the shoulders and hips whilst also building strength in these areas.
The second workshop will be similar to the first but we will get deeper into postures and focus on holding seated postures for longer periods of time to release into deep connective tissues to strengthen the joints.
Both workshops will have a yang (active flowing) element and a yin (deep stretching) element.
Leave feeling lighter and more spacious in your own body!
Suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners.
The investment is €25 per workshop or €45 for both if booked and paid prior to the first workshop.
All booking and enquiries to Elaine on 0872601624 or at www.naveyoga.com
Dates: Saturday 13th April 12pm-2pm and Saturday 11th May 12pm – 2pm
Adrian will lead these workshops. Adrian began his yoga journey in Brisbane in 2012. Once he took his first yoga class he was hooked right away as he felt the amazing benefits for both his mind and body. Having a strong passion for sport, he was amazed to see how yoga could benefit and complement sports people and couldn’t believe he hadn’t found yoga before! His passion for yoga turned into a desire to teach yoga and he completed his teacher training in Cork in early 2015 and began teaching at Navé Yoga straight away. In November 2017, Adrian completed his Yin Yoga teacher training under the guidance of Josh Summers.
Adrian teaches Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, and he also loves to teach strong flowing vinyasa classes. Adrian places a strong focus on alignment and the use of props where needed and firmly believes that yoga is for everyone.

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