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One of our regular students Brian O’Leary tells how yoga has been of benefit to him. Thanks for bringing your energy to Navé Yoga Brian, it’s great having you at the studio!

“I played Rugby at Senior level for 16 seasons and had retired in the summer of 2014 with multiple injuries. These included a herniated disc in my neck, two damaged and worn discs in my back, arthritis in both knees and one ankle, a torn Labrum in my shoulder, nerve damage in my neck and shoulder and worse of all, a torn Labrum in my hip which was causing the early onset of arthritis. I was told that long-term this injury requires a hip replacement and that I would require immediate surgery to repair it.

I had Surgery on the hip in January of 2015 to remove the damage cartilage, repair the torn labrum and to perform microfracture surgery. The aim of all this was to repair the joint and to push out the replacement of the hip. Post operation, I was provided with a rehabilitation program to be performed under the supervision of a Physiotherapist to strengthen the joint. I found the rehab to be gruesome, lonely and boring. On the recommendation of my Physiotherapist I took up Yoga with Navé Yoga in Killarney in Feb of 2015 to supplement the rehab programme.

To say it has changed my life is not an overstatement. From the very first day I did Yoga I loved it. I found the classes to be challenging and rewarding physically, mentally and emotionally. For me, the power of Yoga is that regardless of your fitness level, physical strength, mentality or age, you can push it as much as you want to your level. There is nobody who is too strong, too weak, too old or too young to do Yoga. I’ve never taken a class with Nave where I haven’t come out having broken new ground and enjoyed the feeling that I had pushed myself and achieved something.

In 9 Months, I lost over 3 stone. All the previous niggling injuries I had that would flare up if I went walking/hiking/cycling slowly disappeared. I began to feel stronger and my lower back pain disappeared. I started to weight lift again as part of my rehab and this is where I began to see the most significant changes. I had always been strong but struggled with the most complete test of strength, the deadlift.

My previous PB had been 130KG at a bodyweight of 115kg when I was at my strongest At the time, I was lifting 5 days per week as part of pre-season.

After 9 months of Yoga while lifting only twice a week, I could now pull 165KG at a body weight of 97KG. I put this down to increased mobility and an improvement in core strength that came from my regular Yoga. I have never felt stronger or fitter.

Nave Yoga’s studio is located in the middle of Killarney Town centre. It is bright, clean modern and well equipped. There are several teachers who all have their own style of teaching which really suits me because I like variety. I have found all the teachers to be open, welcoming and very friendly. They have a very personalised approach and are always available for questions and advice.

I went to Yoga originally to help with the recovery of an injury. I got so much more from it. It has had so many positive impacts on my life that it fills me with gratitude The obvious ones are physical. The weight loss, the strength gains and improvement in mobility and flexibility. But the mental and emotional benefits where just as big. The classes require a level of concentration that becomes a form of meditation and helps massively with dealing with the day to day struggles and stresses of life. After a class you are left with a lovely sense of contentment which is very hard to describe and hugely enjoyable.

If you are thinking about doing Yoga, push all preconceived notions and reservations to one side and go for it!! I couldn’t recommend Navé Yoga any higher.

Thanks Elaine and Adrian!”

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